F0 五轴数控工具磨床

工作原理:五轴联动数控控制,配置自主研发磨削软件带(3D模拟、防撞模拟)、 带探针。
机床 Machine USE
Professional grinding all kinds of: milling cutters, drill bits,
reamers, wire taps, turning tools, saw blades, woodworking
工作原理 Working principle
Five-axis CNC control, grinding software is developed by QD's
R&D(3D simulation, collision simulation),with probe.
机床结构 Machine Tool Structure
技术参数 Specifications
机床外观 Machine appearance

机床坐标 Machine coordinate

Machine main body
Spindle grinding head
▶ 三个直线轴X、Y、Z采用滚珠丝杆直线导轨传动
▶ Lathe bed(pedestal,Y pallet,Z stand column)
are made of natural granite, with excellent
thermal stability, good shock absorption.Using
three-coordinate granite pedestal and artificial
processing technology , high grinding precision .
▶ The three linear axes X, Y, Z are driven by ball
screw linear guides andthe two rotating axes
are composed of A and C axes.
▶ 磨削主轴可装备3片砂轮,一般常规刀具都可研磨。
▶ Electric grinding spindle which can be equipped
with 3 grinding wheels.
▶ 探针可自动测量工件尺寸
▶The probe can automatically measure the size of the workpiece

内容 Parameter 数据 data 备注 Remarks
修磨刀具直径Grinding tool diameter 3-20mm 可根据刀具直径定制

Can also be customized according to tool diameter

磨削长度Grinding length 130mm
最大回转直径Maximum turning diameter 150mm
X轴行程Travel X-axis 300mm
Y轴行程Travel Y-axis 150mm
Z轴行程Travel Z-axis 150mm
X/Y/Z轴定位精度X/Y/Z axis positioning accuracy ≤0.006mm
X/Y/Z轴重复定位精度X/Y/Z axis repeat positioning accuracy ≤0.004mm
X/Y/Z轴快速移位速度X/Y/Z axis rapid traverse speed 10m/min
A轴旋转角度A axis rotation angle 360°
C轴旋转角度C axis rotation angle 210°
主轴最高转速Spindle highest speed 6000rpm
砂轮杆连接Grinding wheel rod connection BT30
可装砂轮内径The inner diameter of the wheel that can be installed 31.75mm
可装砂轮外径The outter diameter of the wheel that can be installed 125mm
可装砂轮片数The number of grinding wheels that can be mounted 3片
工件装夹方式Workpiece clamping method W25气动装夹 W25 pneumatic clamp 可改液压装夹Hydraulic clamp
电主轴峰值功率Electric spindle power rating 3.5KW
X轴伺服马达功率The X axis servo motor power 0.4KW
Y轴伺服马达功率The Y axis servo motor power 0.4KW
Z轴伺服马达功率The Z axis servo motor power 0.6KW
A轴伺服马达功率The A axis servo motor power 0.1KW
C轴伺服马达功率The C axis servo motor power 0.1KW
直线导轨精密级Linear guide precision level P级 P class
滚珠丝杆精密级Ball screw precision level C3
3D探针3D probe 1个
数控系统CNC system 新代 New generation 台湾Taiwan
机床总功率约Total power of machine tool 5.5KW
机床重量约Machine weight 1000KG
机床尺寸约Machine size 宽1150×深2215×高1770(mm)
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